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      Hey, everyone!

      One of the bigger parts of the Transport system that is usually overlooked is the Goblin Zeppelin Masters who stand atop one of the many Zeppelin towers and tell the player where the Zeppelin currently is on its route and they also Yell telling all players in the local zone when the Zeppelin has arrived.

      Below is a video of our Zeppelin system in action on the Closed Alpha test server. The video is 3 minutes long with zero cuts as we wanted to show the whole round trip of one Zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Grom'Gol.


      Please note that everything we show in our videos is still work in progress and may change before release.

      Thanks for watching! and thanks for your continued support!.

      Team Tirisfal

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      As you may have noticed we now have a brand new website!

      The website is currently still in beta but all the latest new, change logs and updates can now be found here. Our old website has now been retired and the new website will now take its place.

      You can currently find the following features on this new website.

      • The front page will show the latest news, Development realm status and our Discord Channel status.
      • The release notes section will show the latest changelogs (It currently does not show any legacy changelogs but we will likely add these in the future)
      • The Forums section is what you can expect from the title, We finally have forums!
      • The external bug tracker link is also still here!

      Me and Snapper have talked at length about what we attend to accomplish with the new website and you can expect the following features to arrive in the near future:

      • Fully functional World of Warcraft account management system (Change password, Character information etc)
      • Armory
      • Integrated bug tracker (Instead of using an external bitbucket bug tracker we will bring it in house so players can create bugs with their accounts assigned to said bug)

      Currently, Sign up is not enabled and once we flesh out the World of Warcraft account management system this will become enabled and we first allow our internal Alpha testers to sign up and use the tools available.


      Thank you to the community for your ongoing support!

      Team Tirisfal

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      I'd like to start by saying a big welcome to our new Core/Database developer snapper! he's already working and finished some amazing fixes and he will be helping me get through all the old bug reports and get the fixed ready for closed beta.

      I will start doing development updates more often alongside the changelogs so we can keep our community up to date with the latest features or fixes me and Snapper will be working on.

      I myself have been mainly working on cleaning up the 60-70 zones in Outland, this usually entails the following:

      • Adding missing spells to all creatures in the zone.
      • Adding Missing waypoints to NPC's (usually rare mobs and Packs)
      • Adding the formations to packs of NPC's, for example, Gazelle's in Barrens all walks together in packs.
      • Cleaning up any duplicate spawns.
      • Add any missing emotes to creatures throughout the zone.
      • Research and fix or create any world events that add to the environments.

      Unfortunately, this work takes up a lot of my time which could be spent working on the core but is a much-needed addition to the server, I've already done multiple passes over 1-60 zones which are very close to being completed. We want ever zone to feel alive and just how you remember it from retail. Without these additions, most zones would feel flat and dull when levelling through them. We want mobs to be a challenge when fighting them, we want events to happen when travelling around the world, we want events at the end and beginning of quests to be active, we are trying our uttermost best to fill in all the missing gaps so this will be one of the most complete WotLK servers to date.

      Snapper has been working on more core related issues and features:

      • Pets moving on transport is pretty much working now before this fix was applied pets just fell through the floor and just didn't work on transport at all now we have summoning on transports working when the transport now teleports we don't lose our pet and movement on transports works great. This fix also applies to all elevators in the world.
      • Transport Goblins - At the moment the NPC's that you can ask where the Zeppelin currently doesn't work they also don't yell any text when the zeppelin arrives Snapper is now working on this and this should be live in our dev realm later this week.
      • Missing spells from Dungeon trash and bosses - Snapper has also been working on fixing incorrect or missing spells and mechanics for bosses throughout Outland Dungeons.
      • Drak'Tharon keep has had a partial re-write and is close to retail standard.

      Also as a side note me and Snapper have been working on building a completely new community website in which all features will be under on system such as:

      • Account creation / Account management.
      • Armory
      • Community Forums
      • Development Blogs
      • Issue tracker

      A big thanks goes out to Snapper for all the weight he's taken off my shoulders over the last week since joining the team.
      And huge thanks to all our internal Alpha testers which have been giving the dev team some excellent feedback and some great bug reports.

      If you also want to see some of the changes we've made previous to this post you can find all our changelogs at the following link: https://community.project-tirisfal.com/index.php?/release-notes

      Thanks for reading!
      Team Tirisfal

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